Key Tracks

Customer Centered AI – Marketing

AI is the core of new marketing hub. Next generation marketing and customer experience are about identifying and engaging valuable customers. Gartner predicts that customer experience is the new battlefield for competitive advantage. Guided by AI, brands can now leverage data to drive personalized and cross-channel marketing. Yes, the rules of the competition have changed, so get smarter and grow your business with AI in the driver’s seat. Don’t miss out the track AI powered, Customer Centered Marketing at TiECon Detroit 2018. Bust common myths around AI in marketing and discover how AI can transform your marketing strategy.


FinTech is the next big revolution, making the financial services more accessible, faster, cost and time effective. The disruptive technologies are driving startups and revolutionizing banks, payments and insurance. Global FinTech investment is expected to reach $500 billion by 2020. For financial institutions, the new technologies presents both risks and opportunities. Listen to the FinTech experts at TiECon Detroit 2018 and understand how the banking operations are changing and which technologies will position you at the forefront of this revolution.

AI In Corporate Land

Artificial Intelligence is transforming the world. It is no more a futurist vision, but rather something that is here today and being integrated and deployed in almost every industry, from healthcare to cybersecurity. The tech giants are now investing in A.I. like never before. Artificial intelligence startups are redefining every industry. Startups like Nvidia Corporation, Alphabet (Google), Twilio, Micron Technology, Baidu and Tencent have made huge strides. Today we have voice assistants that can understand human voice and return appropriate responses. Autonomous vehicles- cars, trucks, buses, and drone delivery systems, use advanced AI capabilities. The field of medical AI is buzzing and more and more companies are disrupting healthcare with the help of artificial intelligence. Perhaps in a few decades, an A.I. system with superhuman capabilities in most domains could emerge. Listen to the subject matter experts from different industry verticals who will be at TiECon Detroit 2018 to share the industry trends, the next big thing and also provide insights into the current work.


Wellness is about living your life fully. It is a holistic integration of physical, mental and spiritual well-being. Habits are key to wellness. Did you know that 40% of our everyday routine is repeated in the form of habits and they shape our future? We know what is good for us, but it is challenging to stick on to the right choices because we may fail to act on it or in due course slide away from it. Wellness requires a good self-stewardship. Fueling your body, engaging the mind and nurturing the spirit is important. Listen to the changemakers and motivators who are transforming wellness and industries surrounding it. Remember, the smallest step in the right direction can be the biggest one in your life.