Entrepreneur Bootcamp

About Entrepreneur Bootcamp

The Entrepreneur Bootcamp is a one day intensive where you will gain access to an experience unlike anything else in the world! You will learn from and be supported by Be Investable Certified Advisors and dozens of guest business experts.

Each hour will include training focused on understanding the key concepts of each step of the Be Investable methodology. Also, the day will be interactive experiences designed to integrate the key concepts into your leadership resulting in your company's growth and success.

Participants will receive 5 hours of live training and dozens of hours of additional content.

For the Attendees

Entrepreneur Bootcamp attendees receive:

  • Training based on the same vision and goal setting used by Fortune 500 companies
  • Advice from a team that has worked with tens of thousands of entrepreneurs over the last two decades
  • Content based on events hosted around the world about entrepreneurial growth and success
  • Coaching from our team on the Identity for Wealth
  • Mentoring from our investment and funding teams who have completed over $100M in deals
  • Insight to the tools and resources to access over 100k investors globally
  • The Secrets used by participants in programs such as 500 startups, Y Combinator, Founder Institute and Techstars

Get Inspired

As an attendee, you will learn how to:
  • Build a compelling financial story
  • Identify the strategies necessary to create enterprise value
  • Create an exceptional pitch deck modeled after some of the most successful companies in the world such as Google, Uber, and Facebook
  • Identify funding sources focused on your industry, market size and company stage
  • Create a vision for your organization
  • Understand the beliefs and behaviors necessary to Be Investable
  • Develop the mindset to be outcome focused and purpose driven
  • Build strategies like the world’s most successful organizations
  • Set goals to achieve new levels of success

Learn from the Experts

Get inspired by the speakers at Entrepreneurs Bootcamp who will motivate and enlighten you.

Tel K. Ganesan

Tel is the hosts of TieCon Detroit and will be hosting this amazing event. As a visionary, Tel has successfully created multiple companies and understand how to build a vision and work with a team to implement the strategy necessary to create traction for growth and success.

Michael S. Melfi JD/ MBA

Michael is an Advisor for Be Investable and the chair for the Entrepreneur Bootcamp. As an attorney, author and public speaker, Michael helps emerging and established businesses overcome the legal and financial obstacles that often stand in the way of growth.

Mark Bowers CPA

Mark T. Bower has spent his career developing a broad base of business proficiency unmatched by others. Mark leads organizations in creating massive enterprise value while maintaining the unique culture each organization was founded on. Mark will provide hands-on expertise around increase revenues, value practices and facilitate funding or mergers and acquisitions for a wide array of entities.

Jesse Henry

Jesse help entrepreneurs raise capital and sell their companies. As a professional, he has been involved in over $20M in transactions in the last 12 months and understands the process for presenting to funding sources.

Brooke Dukes

As an expert in corporate culture, Brooke help my clients build the company culture necessary to support everything they want their business to be. Brooke will provide insight and wisdom around creating a vision and how to utilize this vision to build a culture to attract and keep talent.

Rollin Henderson CPA, MBA

Rolling Henderson assist small and medium-size businesses to develop financial strategies for growth and success. As a Financial Advisor, he understands investments and the investor mindset. Focused on enterprise value, Rollin provides coaching and mentorship as an Advisor to Be Investable participants.

Rick Middlemass

Rick Middlemass has almost a decade of experience in Entrepreneurship, Business Development & Sales. Rick assist salespeople and leaders reach their true potential in the principles of influence and identify growth around sales and abundance.

John Oliver

John Oliver is a public speaker and bring his experiences owning multiple businesses, a professional basketball career and personal results specialist for Tony Robbins to bring a spirit and enthusiasm to entrepreneurship that is unprecedented. He provides mentorship and training around the principles to create success and establishing the Wealth Identity.

Trish Ratzlaff

Trish is a successful entrepreneur and has worked closely with many innovators and entrepreneurs to support their vision, culture and value creation strategies to drive enterprise value. Her outcome focused work ethic and ability to create an impactful environment provides the training and assistance necessary for growth and success.

Who is Attending

Entrepreneurs, Inventors, Emerging Companies, Start-ups, Innovators and anyone interested in learning how to Be Investable is invited to attend this value-packed day.

Whether it’s seeking funding, to hiring or retaining talent to sales and business development, what it takes to Be Investable will provide the foundation for your growth and success.

Be Investable

The Be Investable methodology is dedicated to developing leaders of emerging companies, start-ups or small businesses with the necessary insights and principles to Be Investable. Supporting leaders through the process of aligning their ideas with the necessary skills to gain, keep and maximize investment. The Be Investable Team has helped their clients and partners apply success principles and systems necessary for long term and consistent growth. Be investable clients have experienced increased revenues up to 200% in less than a year.

The Be Investable methodology is a customized training experience designed to support a leader in preparing and growing a successful business to effectively master the art of attracting funding. Just like a chiropractor takes the body through a series of movements to align a body’s bones and muscles to improve its functionality, the Be Investable methodology takes a leader of an emerging company, start-up organization or small business through the process of alignment. The ultimate outcome for this experience is for the leader to learn and apply the foundation of success to Be Investable. By learning the key steps to the Be Investable methodology and starting to apply the principles, the organization will grow exponentially and attract new resources.

A leader can confidently know that as they raise funds, and continue to grow, their value multiplier will grow at an exponential rate by successfully learning and completing the Be Investable methodology.

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