Mateen Syed

Global Connectivity Track Chair

Mateen has a great combination of strategy, structure and leadership and he is one of the best connectors in the high powered Silicon Valley Network. He is an integral part of TiE Silicon Valley and has been the Chair / Co-Chair of various programs for over a decade. In 2009 he was the inaugural chair of TiE 50 Awards, which over the years has become one of the most coveted programs of TiEcon. He joined Detroit during TiEcon Midwest in 2009 / 2010 as the chair of TiE20 - Top Startups Awards, and the Program Host and Keynotes Interviewer. Most recently, Mateen chaired a new, very successful initiative during TiEcon 2015 – ‘Visionary Circle’ – an exclusive program to invite and connect a select group of C-Suite Executives of high growth tech companies, Ministers and Policy Makers, Ambassadors and Consuls General representing countries focused on empowering entrepreneurial ecosystems, and Global Charter Members of TiE.

Professionally, Mateen is the founding partner of Bizhance, a strategic business and market growth firm providing advisory services to scalable businesses. He advises companies on business strategy, market growth, venture investing, board relationships, resource management and cross border partnerships. He is passionate about capturing entrepreneurial successes and does extensive research to inspire and empower emerging entrepreneurs. He contributed to the research by WEF and GSB Stanford and UC Berkeley. His interviewees include world's prominent Leaders, Entrepreneurs, VCs and Corporate Captains.