Join us at TiECon Detroit 2017 as we discuss futuristic technology. While the main focus of the conference is on disruptive technologies, we're also looking at the future technologies around air mobility. People have been dreaming of flying cars for the last 100 years. In the 1960s animated sitcom, The Jetsons, flying cars was merely a fantasy. Even a decade ago, driverless cars was a foreign concept. Today, air mobility is finally becoming a reality. Can you imagine a drone picking your car up and transporting in the air to your vacation destination? What this would look like and more will be discussed at TiECon Detroit 2017!

Friday, November 10th

2:00 pm - 3:00 pm

The Future Technologies of Air Mobility and Beyond

Anu Gopalakrishnan
Sr. Product Manager - Connected Audio Services at Sirius XM Radio Inc.
Jon Rimanelli
Founder/CEO at Airspace Experience Technologies, LLC.
Sanjay Dhall
Founder at Detroit Flying Cars, President, Emergent Systems Corp.
Jeff Varick
Founder and President of Brandmotion LLC