Emerging Healthcare Technologies: Trends and Opportunities

Thursday November 9th, 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Panel Objective:
Innovation comes added complexity, including the need to safeguard patients’ information and comply with HIPAA regulations. Ignoring this responsibility risks the possibility of large violation fines, serious legal issues, and the loss of patient trust. Some of the sub-topics will cover how future of healthcare are being addressed with current and future technologies. TiECon Midwest Connection Health - 2017 brings digital health professionals, clinicians, etc. on how to apply new technology to healthcare demands this kind of unconventional thinking, and the courage to ignite the medical world with disruptive solutions to age-old problems. Healthcare providers are face with growing virtual footprint that is shifting the boundaries of many new technologies. We will discuss the various challenges in healthcare and discuss practical solutions using new technology and method to overcome of these challenges using various foam of technologies and what’s available and what is coming in near future.

"If you want to disrupt an industry [like healthcare], you have to do it in a non-disruptive way." – Sami Inkinen, Founder and CEO, Virta Health