Strategies to Protect Yourself in the Ever Changing World of Cybersecurity

Friday November 10th, 3:00 pm - 4:00 pm

From government organizations to hospitals to corporations, everyone is vulnerable when it comes to cyber attacks. Every day, businesses are at risk for breaches into financial information, and the personal data of customers and employees are being compromised. In our recent presidential election, we witnessed cybersecurity emerge as a major issue in an unprecedented way, taking the topic of cybersecurity to a new level. Taking the right measures to prevent cyber attacks is crucial, especially since security breaches are on the rise. But as cybersecurity strategies continue to advance, the cyber attacks seem to become more sophisticated. Protecting the perimeter is no longer going to work. Ultimately, organizations need to take both proactive and reactive approaches to protecting themselves against cyber attacks. It's vital for organizations to stay ahead of the trends in order to prepare for what's to come in the future of cybersecurity. Listen to the experts discuss the technologies, trends, and current issues facing cybersecurity.