Connected Mobility

Advances in connected mobility technologies are paving the way for new players and new business models in the transportation sector. Current hype surrounding connected mobility is focused on autonomous driving – for all modes of transportation, smartphone / internet integration and new controls and displays.

The market for private automobile ownership is headed for disruption. Transportation itself is being disrupted by the integration of mass transport modes with other “feeder” modes such as taxis and shared-mobility services including car-sharing, bike-sharing and walking with smartphone technologies that help facilitate door-to-door transportation in an efficient, dynamic and easy-to-manage approach.

What does all this mobility disruption mean? What are the future implications? What role will Michigan and its companies play in this disruption? How can you be a part of it? All of these questions and more can be answered by attending TiECon Detroit 2017 Ignite2Disrupt Mobility sessions.